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Automated Pagination

To paginate these Datasets, something you may wish a link following tool like a web crawler to do, use the query string arguments 'page' for the page number and 'per_page' for the number of Addresses per page. HTTP Link headers of first, prev, next & last are given to indicate URIs to the first, a previous, a next and the last page.


Assuming 500 Addresses, this request would result in a response with the following Link header:

Link:   <> rel="first",
        <> rel="prev",
        <> rel="next",
        <> rel="last"

If you want to page through the whole collection, you should start at first and follow the link headers until you reach last or until there is no last link given. You shouldn't try to calculate each page query string argument yourself.

Alternate views

Different views of this register of objects are listed at its Alternate views page.